St Martins T&Cs

Annex A

(Covid 19) return of sports facilities

1. Please ensure you follow all the guidelines from the government for the phased return of sports and recreation.

2. A hand pump spray with a disinfectant is located at the main gates to the 3G pitch for the spraying down of the goals and railings after your hire or during your hire. The goals and railings will be sprayed at 5:30pm. Please do not remove this from the 3G area, as if this goes missing all lettings will be cancelled until further notice.

3. Your club is responsible for all spectators and parents attending during your hire period, also follow the government guidelines for social distancing or gatherings.

4. The only toilet you can use will be the swimming pool toilets located on the main patio behind the food cube. Signage will be up pointing the way. If you or any one from your club including Spectators are found using somewhere else apart from the swimming pool toilets your club will be cancelled permanently.

5. The changing rooms and showers will not be open for use.

6. All other school buildings are out of bounds to all hirers including parents and spectators.