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Managers & Coaches Guide

This guide is for Managers & Coaches who wish to run or are running a team at Hutton FC and covers the following topics:

  • About the Club


    Hutton Football Club was founded in 1928 and has been a prominent Club in local football since that time. The Club was further enlarged in 2005 by the merging of Hutton FC and Hutton Medway YFC (established in 1969).

    The Club hold the FA Charter Standard Community Club status which is the highest accreditation a club can achieve.

    The Club is proud to have been awarded Community Club of the year twice by Essex County FA.

    The Club now has over 60 teams with female and male teams from the youngest age groups all the way through to adults.

    Hutton is an aspirational Football Club. We are always looking to move forward. The Club is run by volunteers so please ask yourself what can I do to help before you criticise someone who already does.

  • Mission Statement

    To encourage, develop and value all abilities within our football family. To teach teamwork, commitment, sportsmanship, honesty and enable fulfilment. To stimulate community interest in football at grassroots level and create platforms for young players to express themselves and be part of a wider team “The Hutton football family”.

  • Our Vision

    – We strive to be a leader in the way grassroots football is played and delivered.

    – Develop players through good coaching.

    – To provide the complete player pathway for male and female players in grassroots football.

  • Our Values

    Our values underpin everything we do and strive to achieve at Hutton FC


    We treat our teammates, opponents, officials, and club members, respectfully.


    We act in a fair, consistent, and transparent manner.


    We (players, managers, parents, volunteers, and committee members) work and collaborate both on and off the pitch; this is our club.


    We promote and deliver an environment for all to enjoy the game of football.


    We strive to be the best in all that we do; the way we play, engage with others, and promote the values of our club.

  • Football Formats

    The Club offers the following:

    Little Kickers for all Under 5’s taking their first steps in football.

    We offer all football formats from festival 5 v 5 at Under 7’s.

    – 5 v 5 at Under 8’s

    – 7 v 7 at Under 9’s & 10’s

    – 9 v 9 at Under 11’s & 12’s

    – 11 v 11 at Under 13’s through to adults.

    Our Girls teams can also play down a year in the BCFA Youth League thanks to a pilot scheme they are running for the FA.

    The Club provides an opportunity to try Futsal either through the BCFA YL or within HFC.

    Football Formats


    Age on August
    Eligible Age
    Maximum Permitted
    Minimum Pitch Size
    Minimum Pitch Size
    Maximum Pitch Size
    Maximum Pitch Size
    Goal SizeBall Size
    6Under 75v530 x 20 27.45 x 18.340 x 30 36.3 x 27.4512x63
    Under 85v530 x 20 27.45 x 18.340 x 3036.3 x 27.4512x63
    7Under 85v530 x 2027.45 x 18.340 x 3036.3 x 27.4512x63
    Under 97v750 x 3045.75 x 27.4560 x 4054.9 x 36.612x63
    8Under 97v750 x 3045.75 x 27.4560 x 4054.9 x 36.612x63
    Under 107v750 x 3045.75 x 27.4560 x 4054.9 x 36.612x64
    9Under 107v750 x 3045.75 x 27.4560 x 4054.9 x 36.612x64
    Under 119v970 x 4064 x 36.680 x 5073.15 x 45.7516x74
    10Under 119v970 x 4064 x 36.680 x 5073.15 x 45.7516x74
    Under 129v970 x 4064 x 36.680 x 5073.15 x 45.7516x74
    11Under 129v970 x 4064 x 36.680 x 5073.15 x 45.7516x74
    Under 1311v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75100 x 6091.44 x 54.921x74
    12Under 1311v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75100 x 6091.44 x 54.921x74
    Under 1411v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75100 x 6091.44 x 54.921x74
    13Under 1411v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75100 x 6091.44 x 54.921x74
    Under 1511v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75110 x 70100.58 x 6424x85
    14Under 1511v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75110 x 70100.58 x 6424x85
    Under 1611v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75110 x 70100.58 x 6424x85
    15Under 1611v1190 x 5082.3 x 45.75110 x 70100.58 x 6424x85
    Under 1711v11100 x 5091.44 x 45.75130 x 100118.87 x 91.4424x85
    Under 1811v11100 x 5091.44 x 45.75130 x 100118.87 x 91.4424x85
    16Under 1711v11100 x 5091.44 x 45.75130 x 100118.87 x 91.4424x85
    Under 1811v11100 x 5091.44 x 45.75130 x 100118.87 x 91.4424x85
    Open Age11v11100 x 5091.44 x 45.75130 x 100118.87 x 91.4424x85
  • How Teams Are Run

    Every team must have a Manager with the FA Level 1 in Coaching football and have undertaken a Criminal Records Check.

    It is important that all teams in the Club are run with Club values in mind.

    The teams are part of a football section within Hutton FC and are expected to work together to help develop players and to help them along the player pathway. Where possible players should be playing at a level which matches their ability.

  • Safeguarding

    The safety of the children at Hutton FC is the priority of the Club, Committee and Managers alike.

    Every child or young person, defined as any person under the age of 18, who plays or participates in football should be able to take part in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse. This is the responsibility of every adult involved in football.

    Each team must have:

    An FA Enhanced Criminal Record Checks (CRC) for all relevant officials.

    FA Level 1 introduction to first aid in football (IFAIF) At least one FA Level 1 qualified coach per team within date first aid (IFAIF) and Safeguarding Children certificate.

    The Club Safeguarding policy can be found on our website.

    If you have concern about a child please contact our club welfare officer, Kathryn Tye, County FA welfare officer or NSPCC on 0808 800 5000. NSPCC provide a 24/7 helpline.

  • Club Developments

    Apart from the new ground project and improving the facility offering, which is a priority, the Club is also focused on delivering a good standard of coaching across the teams.

    We have been recognized as a key player in Girls football with the granting of the Wildcats Girls Development Centre.

    We have been accepted into the Eastern Junior Alliance FL which completes the pathway for more elite players at the Club.

    The Club has recently become a Charity and we continue to focus on the development of our Club and its players.

    The Club has also formed a partnership with AFC Hutton to offer disability football for the first time.

  • Summary

    Hutton Football club aspires to be one of the premier community football clubs in Essex. The growth of the Club presents challenges which requires a new approach to how it is managed. Hutton FC is an asset to the Borough of Brentwood and provides an opportunity for young people to engage in healthy sport, develop disciplines and friendships and even go on to play at higher levels.

  • Managers Appointment Process

    When Manager’s and their Assistants are appointed to a team, they should be interviewed by members of the Football Management Committee. This is to make sure everyone understands how the Club works, its Vision and Values and how we all work together for the benefit of our members. This also gives the individual concerned an opportunity to find out any relevant information and to ask questions.

  • Managers Responsibilities


    -Attain and Maintain FA Level credentials and undertake CRC check.

    -Become a licensed coach (free) The club will refund all expenses incurred.

    -1st 4Sport Level One courses can be booked on the Essex FA website as below.





    -Ensure you have the training equipment updated medical equipment sourced. Please see Vicky Hall….in contact list.

    -Collect Players Registration fees by end July prior to new playing season.

    -Collect Astro Training money by end Oct during the new playing season.

    -Organise administration of league registration documentation.

    -Maintain CRC, Emergency Aid and Safeguarding Children accreditations as required.

    -Please see CWO Kathryn Tye….in contact list.

    Season/ team

    Arrange logistics for all fixtures, friendlies and league with opposition, parents and if allocated, the referee. The home manager must contact the opposition by, at the latest Monday night before the following weekend’s fixture.

    -Communicate Club ethos to parents and players.

    -Ensure team is available to fulfil all league fixtures.

    -Ensure a Level 1 coach is present at every game and training session.

    -Report results/ postponements to the league as per the required timeframe

    -Ensure every player at a match gets at least 50% playing time at non-competitive fixtures (up to and including all U11 games). After that level 50% playing time should still be a minimum target playing time per player.

    Season/ club

    -Liaise with other year group managers, especially in transition years.

    -Attend section meetings/ all managers meetings and AGM, or at least make sure your team is represented.

    -Promote and populate the club website.

  • Coaches Code Of Conduct


    Adhere to Club Values at all times.

    I WILL,

    -Use my position to set a positive example for the young people I am responsible for.

    -Show respect to others involved in the game including match officials, opposition players, coaches, managers, officials, and spectators.

    -Show respect to other Hutton Managers and Coaches, the Club’s Football Management Committee and Trustees.

    -Not engage in any form of abuse either verbally, on e-mail or on social media, what’s app etc

    -Adhere to the laws and spirit of the game.

    -Promote Fair Play and high standards of behaviour.

    -Respect the match official’s decision.

    -Never enter the field of play without the referee’s permission

    -Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour

    -Be gracious in victory and defeat.


    -Place the well-being, safety, and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning.

    -Never engage in or tolerate any form of bullying.

    -Encourage each player to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.

    -Ensure all activities I organize are appropriate for the players’ ability level, age, and maturity.

    -Co-operate fully with others in football (e.g., officials, doctors, physiotherapists, welfare officers) for each player’s best interests.

    I understand that if I do not follow the Code, any/all of the following actions may be taken by my club, County FA or The FA:

    I MAY BE:

    -Required to meet with the Club, League or County Welfare Officer

    -Suspended by the Club from attending matches.

    -Suspended or fined by the County FA.

    -Required to leave or be removed from my position within the Club.


    -My FA Coaching License may be withdrawn.

  • Additional Information


    Hutton Football Club is a Charity. There are two limited Companies connected to the Charity which are:

    HFC Holdings Limited – Which will hold all leases and is set up for the sole purpose to benefit Hutton Football Club.

    Hutton Football Club Trading Limited – Which runs all trading operations of the Club such as Café, Bar and so on. Any surpluses in the Company are donated to the Charity.

    The Trustees of the Charity make the strategic decisions for the Club. A series of Sub-Committees are set up to help run the Club and report back to the Trustees.


    Communication to and from the Trustees is through the Football Management Committee which consists of Chair, Vice-Chair, Club Secretary, CWO, all the football sections of the Club and Trustee representatives.

    To further help communication in the Club we encourage age groups reps at the younger ages where there are a lot of teams. This will also help sort the transitions through the various changes in format.

    Officers of the Club have a lot of work to do in managing all the administration, registration, collecting fees, paying out for pitches, league affiliations, attending League meetings, sorting pitches and referees and so on; so, bringing issues to your section or age group leader will help ease that burden.

    Parents need to address their issues through their Manager or better still they can volunteer to form a Parent’s group and help the Club.

    For Key Club Personnel see Appendix 1.


    The Finance Sub-Committee manage the Club’s finances. Finances are managed to keep the Club in a strong solvent, position and to reinvest for the benefit of its members. The Club will offer the cheapest fees it can and aims to deliver value for money over the longer term. The Club is a Charity so is run entirely for the benefit of its members.


    Hutton FC plays its matches on School and Council pitches across Hutton and Shenfield. We train, predominantly, on 3G pitches at Shenfield and St. Martin’s schools.

    The Club desperately needs a home of its own to run our football activities from. Planning permission has been granted on a large site at Wynbarns Farm, Chelmsford Road, Shenfield and £655k of grant funding has been obtained from the Football Foundation subject to conditions. The site, when totally developed, will cater for a large part of our playing provision and for ALL Sections of the Club. We need your support to make this happen.


    Everyone in this Football Club is a volunteer and is working extremely hard for its membership and we always need help. We understand that you are unlikely to have time to become Club Secretary, Treasurer, or other key roles however, we are breaking down the management of the Club into various football sections to make it more manageable.

    The FA have estimated that the economic value of Hutton’s workforce for the local community is around £1.7m a year.

    We are always looking for more people to help so if you or someone you know has a couple of hours available each week and want to give something back for your community please contact us at clubsecretary@huttonfc.com

    Currently we are looking for help with:

    -Club communication both internal and external; the website and social media

    -Marketing and Sponsorship


    -Other – any expertise you have which you think would be of help.


    The Club holds an Annual General Meeting which a representative of each team is expected to attend. For the rest of the season, we like to hold at least one meeting with each football section: Girls and Ladies; Senior Men; Boys Youth; Boys Mini Soccer. More regular meetings will be held with the younger age groups as they progress through the Club. These meetings are important to pass on information and to give feedback that will help improve Hutton FC.


    Hutton Football Club currently plays most of the Youth football (boys and girls) in the Brentwood Community Football Alliance Youth League. The League focuses on player development and has a very similar ethos to our Club.

    The older youth teams (boys) play in the Chelmsford Youth League as the BCFA currently only goes up to Under 14’s; youth teams (girls) play in the Essex County Girls League.

    The stronger boys’ teams have the option of playing in the Echo League and we now have teams accepted into the Eastern Junior Alliance Youth League.

    The adult teams play at the highest level they can within Club resources.

  • Football Management Contact List
    ChairmanPete Boemchairman@huttonfc.com07594 317221
    Vice-ChairmanDarren Hallvicechairman@huttonfc.com07912 892025
    Club SecretaryKevin Lorkinsclubsecretary@huttonfc.com07850 766819
    Registrations, Equipment
    Vicky Halltreasurer@huttonfc.com07904 728859
    Child Welfare OfficerKathryn Tyechildwelfare@huttonfc.com07980 432573
    Seniors SecretaryGreg Hallseniormenssecretary@huttonfc.com07427 164107
    Girls/Ladies SecretaryStuart Hart &
    Kate Ayers
    girlssecretary@huttonfc.com07958 717691
    07882 439622
    Youth SecretarySteve Clarkyouthsecretary@huttonfc.com07783 485629
    Mini Soccer SecretaryBilly Wellsminisecretary@huttonfc.com07830 321394
    Development SecretaryJames Harringtondevelopmentsecretary@huttonfc.com07910 727371
    Pitch/Referee AllocationsSimon Larnerjuneandsimon@sky.com07786 176043
    League Contacts
    CYFLSteve ClarkAs above
    BCFA - YouthSteve ClarkAs above
    BCFA – MiniKevin LorkinsAs above
    ECHONeil Rowburyneil.rowbury@martin-brokers.com
    Essex County GirlsStuart HartAs above
    Shenfield School All Weather PitchKevin Lorkinsfacilities@huttonfc.com07850 766 819
    Shenfield School Site Team (For any issues whilst on site)Vaughan Waites07517 949899
    School Site Team
    St Martins School All Weather PitchSimon LarnerAs above
    Publicity/Social MediaTBApublicity@huttonfc.com
    ChairmanJohn Halltrusteechairman@huttonfc.com07956 990784
    Vice-ChairmanDarren HallAs above
    SecretaryKevin LorkinsAs above
    TrusteeVicky HallAs above
    TrusteePeter BoemAs above
    TrusteeTom Kingsleytkingsley@uk.ey.com07557 566988
    TrusteeSimon LarnerAs above
    TrusteeKathryn TyeAs above
  • Booking Pitches

    Pitches for matches should be booked by e-mailing Simon Larner at simonlarnerhuttonfc@gmail.com  Simon will try to accommodate your requests.
    He will go through the League websites and get the fixtures for the next week and email out to you all by Monday at the latest. Please let Simon know if the information is correct/wrong straight away so that he can amend accordingly. Simon will then confirm all matches by Tuesday at the latest. If there is a doubt about your match or anything that might affect him booking pitches or refs, please let him know ASAP.

    When you have a confirmed fixture, update the Full-Time website with the details. Simon will try and keep kick offs to the mornings but there may be occasions when playing in the afternoon is unavoidable. Simon will also try and get refs for all U11 and upwards matches but please have somebody ready to step in, even at short notice.

    Referee fees 

    Under 11 & 12 £23
    Under 13 & 14 £27
    Under 15 & 16 £30
    Under 18 £35
    Cup Matches
    Under 12 £27
    Under 13 & 14 £32
    Under 15 & 16 £35
    Under 18 £40

    Ref contact details

    Adrian Summerfield 07958 126569

    Nick Hill 07887 886857

    Mark Rose 07540 269646

    Martyn Flack 07738 054424

    Greg Brown 07557 259544

    When you are allocated a ref please get in touch with them straight away to confirm full match details

    7 a side pitches for U9 and U10 

    We have one pitch marked up at Hutton Poplars. This is located on the field next to Kazen Kai Karate Club at the end of Bannister Drive. The 9 a side pitch is the one with the goals erected, the 7 a side pitch is just beyond it. The goals are in Samba bags and need to be taken to the venue and put together. Them, the respect barrier, and corner flags for this pitch are kept in the shed behind the pavilion at Shenfield school astro. The padlock code is 1928.

    We also have two pitches located on Alexander Lane. These pitches are reached through the hedge at Shenfield School which is at the far end of the school field adjacent to the astro. The goals are left erect either on or besides the astro, drag them over through the gate in the hedge. The corner flags and respect barriers are in the shed behind the pavilion. Padlock code is 1928.
    Then we have the three pitches on the astro at St Martins school. The goals are up already. Only players and coaches are allowed on the astro, everybody else watches from the viewing area.

    Refs are not provided at these age groups, best get a Dad to help. The Club can help with ref courses should you need. Occasionally we have trainee refs at these age groups, if the Club provide a ref the fee is £15. You pay the ref and claim back via Vicky Hall by filling in the managers expense form found on our website.

    9 a side pitches for U11 and U12 

    We have a 9 a side pitch on the Shenfield School field on the opposite side of Alexander Lane from the astro. The goals and nets are up, the corner flags and respect barriers are in the shed behind the pavilion, padlock code 1928.

    We have a 9 a side pitch at Hutton Poplars. This is located on the field next to Kazen Kai at the end of Bannister Drive. The goals are up, the nets, respect barrier and corner flags are kept in the green container that can be found in the car park near the astro at St Martins School.

    We have two 9 a side pitches at St Martins School, these are found on the school playing field, up from the astro. Pitch 1 has goals up, the nets, respect barrier and corner flags are in the green container in the car park. Pitch 2 has goals that are hung on the side of the School gym, next to Pitch 1. These have nets, ensure the goals are anchored to the ground. Corner flags and respect barrier are in the green container.

    We have another 9 a side pitch at Warley Recreation Ground, Chindits Lane CM14 5LF. There is a car park at DW fitness, and the pitch is located on the far side of the playing field, close to the children’s play park. The goals are up, the nets and corner flags are kept in the green container in the St Martins car park.

    Refs are provided by the Club when available.

    11 a side youth pitch for U13 and U14 

    We only have one youth pitch currently. This is the smaller of the two pitches at Hutton recreation Ground, Wash Road. The car park is on Wash Road. The goals are up and the corner flags, respect barrier and nets are in the green container at St Martins. We have seven teams in this age category so the U13 age group will take priority on this pitch. Please refer to the other 11 a side pitches as you will have to play matches on these too. The Club provide refs when available.

    11 a side adult pitches for U15 and above 

    We have one adult pitch at Hutton Recreation Ground, Wash Road. The goals are up, the respect barrier, nets and corner flags are in the green container at St Martins.

    We have one pitch at King George’s Playing Fields. This is pitch 5. The nets, respect barrier and corner flags are kept in the green container at St Martins School.

    We have one pitch at St Martins School, this is found at the very top of the school playing field. The goals are up. The nets, corner flags and respect barrier are in the green container in the car park.

    We have one pitch at Shenfield School. This is located on the far side of the School playing field, which is on the opposite side of Alexander Lane to the astro. The goals and nets are up, the respect barrier and corner flags are kept in the shed behind the pavilion. Padlock code is 1928.

    We have Shenfield School astro. Goals and nets are up. Only coaches and players are allowed on the astro, the School are strict on this please ensure that everybody else is outside the fencing.

    We have St Martin’s School astro. The goals are up, only the players and coaches are allowed on the astro, this is policed by the School CCTV, so please ensure everybody else is in the fenced viewing area provided.

  • All Weather Training

    The Club is fortunate to have a partnership with Shenfield School which gives us access to prime slots at a discounted rate. We also hire St Martins school. These slots are hired by the Club from the first week in September to the last week in April.

    Whilst we are in a good position to be able to offer all weather training during the winter months this must be paid for and every team that chooses to use these slots must pay the fees to the Club.

    All weather training slots will be allocated where possible according to the following process:

    Younger teams get the earlier slots, older teams get the later slots. Where possible a year group should train at the same time on the same evening to help with communication and get the players playing in the correct ability level (team).

  • Club Rules

    -Members are always to uphold the good name of the Club; they must act in a sportsman/woman like manner and observe the laws of the game.

    -Members inc Players, Parents, Supporters are to adhere to the Rules of the Astro and School Premises.

    -No Smoking on school grounds (this is a school rule)

    -No Dogs on school grounds (this is a school rule)

    -Parents/Supporters are not allowed on Astro during training and matches, reasons are:

    -To let the coach, do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to  do (as per FA Respect Code of Conduct).

    -Health and Safety……to prevent accidents to parents, supporters and any younger siblings, hard kicked footballs can hurt a small child, spilled hot beverages will scald.

    -Child Welfare…. All our Managers/Coaches are CRB checked and have undertaken appropriate courses in Safeguarding Children and Emergency Aid. It is with the Safeguarding of ALL our young players in mind that we try to prevent any person/s unrelated or unconnected to a player be in close contact with them. This is especially important within the Development section where we have a lot of adults in attendance.

    -Please note you may enter at the managers/coach’s request should your child receive an injury or is visibly upset.

    -Any fine imposed by any football authority on the Club as a result of misconduct by a club member, be it player, parent, or supporter, will be reimbursed by the member to the Club within 14 days of notification of the fine.

    -Any fine imposed by any league on a Team as a result of being unable to fulfil a fixture (without appropriate notice at the start of playing season) by a number of players within that team being absent i.e. attending same event (party, school trip, holiday, work etc) will be reimbursed by the members absent to the Club within 21 days of notification of the fine.

    -Any fine imposed by any league/authority as a result of refusing to fulfil fixture for Personal/Player/Parental reason…. i.e., opposition is too strong, opposition players/officials/parents were verbally abusive at previous game etc…. Manager to seek advice of Committee first who in turn will seek advice from League. If League states game must be played HFC Committee member/s to be present at game. If HFC Manager/Parents still refuse to fulfil match, then HFC Committee will decide who is liable.

  • Fines Policy


    -Removal of Team from League due to Team Disbanding > CLUB.

    -Removal of Team from League due to Team/Manager wishing to enter different League >TEAM/MANAGER.

    -Late/Inaccurate/Incomplete League Registration > CLUB.

    -Insufficient Player Registration by given date > MANAGER.

    -Late/Inaccurate/Incomplete Results inc ALL League/Cup Matches > MANAGER.

    -Failure to fulfil fixture without appropriate notice to League Divisional Officer i.e., not having checked dates at start of season of player absence due to School Trips/Holidays > MANAGER.

    -Failure to fulfil fixture due to player absence en-masse (not inc individual illness/injury) i.e., attending party, school trip leaving team short of players at short notice > PARENTS.

    -Refusal to fulfil fixture…. i.e., for Personal/Player/Parental reason…. Manager to seek advice of Committee first who in turn will seek advice from League. If League states game must be played HFC Committee member/s to be present at game. If HFC Manager/Parents still refuse to fulfil match, then > MANAGER/PARENTS

    -Player Bookings (carded/suspension) > PLAYER.

    -Playing a Player who is suspended/not registered > MANAGER.

    -New Manager (first season) 1 fine allowance…Seasoned Manager zero fine allowance.

    -All Managers 2 fine allowance.


    -Failure to inform Referee of cancelled matches…full Referee fee to be paid > MANAGER.

  • Kit Policy

    Our Clubs Kit supplier is ProKit UK Ltd…. Unit 10 The Old Brickworks, Bates Industrial Est, Church Road, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0HU….0844 844 0665  www.prokituk.com

    Please note that once out of the Development section where kit is supplied as part of the registration fee (which is higher than rest of club), kit is not included in the Seasons Registration/Astro fee. See points below………

    -Home kit is strictly Macron and Hutton colours are strictly Red/White.

    -Macron Polis Shirt Red/White with Macron Mesa Hero Short in Red and Macron Azlon Socks in Red. Junior Price is: £29.50, Senior Price is: £33.50. Please add on £3.50 if you are having a sponsor on the front.

    -ProKit will advise if there is a change to this as it can be subject to change dictated by when Macron choose to ‘retire’ a style.

    -Kit can be purchased by either securing a sponsor or by a parent purchasing. Remember to purchase a kit with the thought of it lasting at least 2 seasons.

    -If you are lucky enough to secure a sponsor for an ‘Away ‘shirt, although we do not state that this is necessary, we suggest White /Red as it will go with the shorts of the ‘Home Kit’. This can be any brand, but we would encourage Macron to match the home kit and keep continuity across the club. Again, we advise Prokit as the supplier.

    -Please do not take any kit, training or bench wear purchased elsewhere to be badged and printed by ProKit, this will be refused. As our official supplier they are the only ones to stock our Official Club Badge and therefore the only supplier with our permission to use it.

    -Please refrain from adding player names to kits for any player under 18yrs. This is due to Child Protection and can cause problems for the club. Initials or squad number can be added to bench wear as this can help identifying item when thrown in a heap at side of pitch!

    -When ordering a whole team kit, especially before the start of a season, please give

    -ProKit at least 3 weeks to turn order around. Payment is due to Prokit on order NOT collection. So, if sponsor purchasing kit please make them aware of this.