Polo Fields Risk Assessment

ObjectiveRisk & Control MeasuresKey StaffRisk Level – Pre ActionAction Required / Decision MadeAction To Be Completed DateRisk Level – Post Action
To reduce risk to Club staff to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures.Increased handwashing and surface cleaning
Comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government. Use screen in Clubhouse to separate staff from customer. Risk Assessment to be shared with staff. CRP update including Covid-19 protocol. Any member of staff tested positive in the last 7 days, or anyone developing symptoms whilst at the ground is to be sent home. Symptoms include a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia), they must be sent home and follow guidance.
Bar and Clubhouse Manager. Any other staff assisting.MediumCovid Officer to communicate to all Club staff and match day participants on new protocols put in place.
Signage promoting social distancing and handwashing. Protocols detailed in RA included in communication.
Cleaning protocols detailed in RA included in communication.
Risk Assessment to be shared with all staff and placed on Club Website. To be sent to opposition ahead of match days. PPE equipment including full facemasks and disposable gloves will be provided by the Club. Staff displaying symptoms of coronavirus will need to self-isolate for 10 days. If you live with someone who has symptoms, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days from the day their symptoms started.
22nd August 2020, ongoingLow
Minimise contact with surfaces and other staff and match day participants. activityGuidance regarding visiting the premises provided to members and hirers. Encourage frequent hand washing and sanitising.
Reduced / no cash handling
Social distancing observed.
Leave doors open where safe and appropriate to do so.
KLMediumStaff and match day participants to be advised of the reduction in cash handling. Staff member to wear disposable glove should they have to handle cash. Hand sanitisers will be situated around the Club room. All non-essential items that may be difficult to clean will be removed.22nd August 2020Low
Cleaning RegimeA deep clean will take place at appropriate intervals.
Enhanced cleaning regime is in place in line with government guidance.
Cleaning, ClubhouseMediumA deep clean of the Clubhouse will be completed. Enhanced cleaning regime for toilet facilities particularly door handles, locks and toilet flush. Regular wiping down of handles/seats/taps and other areas of high contact.
Club staff to ensure soap dispensers are replenished regularly.
Club staff will clean all equipment after use by members.
Club staff will conduct a regular disinfectant clean of equipment, door handles, toilets and other contact areas using a backpack disinfectant spray, antibacterial wipes.
22nd August 2020low
Ensure distancing is possible by limiting the number of participants able to access the Clubhouse.Number of people allowed in the Clubhouse limited to xxxx ???
Signage on One way system in the Clubhouse.
Clubhouse ManagerMediumClubhouse Manager to determine the maximum number of participants allowed in. Clubhouse Manager to reorganise tables to allow for social distancing.22nd August 2020Low
Distancing on arrival / departureOne way system in and out of the Clubhouse.Clubhouse ManagerMediumLaminated signs in and around the Clubhouse.22nd August 2020Low
Social distancing should be maintained between all users of the ground and ClubhouseCovid 19 signage promoting social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitising, to be prominently displayed in and around the Clubhouse. FA guidance on how game should be played or adapted to enable social distancing which must be followed. This also applies to spectators.Clubhouse ManagerMediumSocial distancing signage prominently displayed in and around the Clubhouse. Signage to include hand washing and sanitising. Only one staff member behind the bar at any one time. Teams to provide their own balls / equipment. To be communicated to club teams and opposition.22nd August 2020Low
VentilationMaintain good ventilation
Doors and windows open.
Clubhouse ManagerMediumOpening windows and doors frequently, where possible.
Where safe to do so, door wedges in place to allow minimum surface contact during movement around Clubhouse
Track and Trace, and reported cases of Covid 19Follow Public Health England guidance if a case is reported at the Clubhouse. Team Managers to maintain a record of those attending the match to assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for data if needed. Keep a record of Club staff present. Register contact details of Match officials and Managers.Clubhouse ManagerMediumA record will be maintained of Club staff attending on match days and retained for 21 days. The record will include name, home phone number, mobile number, date and times of entry and exit.
Teams participating must keep their own records in line with FA guidelines.
Assessment conducted by: Kevin LorkinsCovid Officer and Club SecretaryCovered by this assessment:Clubhouse & Pitch
Date of assessment: Tuesday 4th August 2020Review interval: In line with government updatesDate of next review: Ongoing