Your Club needs your support

Everyone involved in Hutton Football Club wants it to be one of the best places to play grassroots football. All the feedback the Club gets suggests everyone wants us to be even better than we are today. That is a great ambition. A Club like yours cannot function to the best of its ability unless there are a hardworking and dedicated group of volunteers making it happen.

The Managers and Coaches do a great job looking after the teams, attending courses and making sure the football is well run.

The Club Committee look after everything else and go beyond the call of duty in the amount of time they give up to help develop the Club. Most of the Committee also run teams for Hutton FC. This cannot continue. Your Club must have more volunteers helping to the run the Club.

You don’t have to be involved in the football in fact the Club needs people that have other strengths such as finance and managing people.

If you would like to help the club through a worthwhile and rewarding position please contact the committee by clicking here

Here is a list of roles that need to be filled and a brief description of what the job entails:
The Club needs a group of people to run social events and fundraisers to help bring the Club together and raise funds for facilities, equipment and future developments.

There are several roles involving the Club’s finances. We need someone to look at budgeting and also helping the treasurer.

We need help with managing the Club’s volunteers and their development which includes arranging courses, organising the paperwork and looking for future volunteers.

Volunteers are needed to help out at the Café at Shenfield School and also at the Clubhouse bar.

The Club needs to be more visible in the Community. We need a couple of people to engage with local businesses and other bodies to help promote the Club and to seek sponsorship.