Hannakins Farm Training & Match Day Protocol

Covid 19 Match Day Protocol for Hutton FC, Hannakins Farm, Rosebay Avenue, Billericay, CM12 0SY

Hutton FC has designated Kevin Lorkins as its Covid 19 responsible officer. The protocol will be provided to all visiting managers and each manager will be asked to attest that the protocol has been provided to all visiting players, spectators and officials.

  1. Hutton FC will send Match Day Protocol to opposing Club and Match Officials when confirming the match.
  2. Government guidelines need to be obeyed when travelling to and from games.
  3. Players and spectators should wash and sanitize their hands before travelling.
  4. Anyone with any Covid 19 symptoms should not attend or participate in any games.
  5. Home and Away Teams must provide Track & Trace details to Hannakins Farm for their players, Club Officials and supporters at the Hannakins Office or by providing names and numbers via their Club Secretary or Manager ahead or after the game – Hannakins Farm require this as per their Risk Assessment and Covid guidelines.
  1. Goals and equipment will be regularly sanitized.
  2. Players should bring their own drinks and no sharing of drinks is permitted.
  3. No spitting or nasal cleaning is permitted.
  4. There will be no pre or post game handshakes.
  5. Goal celebration should not include any physical contact.
  1. Toilets will be available in the main building. Signage will point to the toilets. Masks “MUST BE WORN” to use the Toilet at Hannakins Farm – Hutton Managers will have disposable masks for use if required.
  2. A strict one in one out policy will be in place.
  3. All spectators around the pitch will be required to maintain strict social distancing rules and are only to be in groups of six at all times.
  4. We require all players to arrive changed and to shower at home. The changing rooms will not be open.
  1. Should any visitor to Hannakins Farm subsequently test positive for Covid 19 we expect them to adhere with NHS test and trace requirements. In addition Club Secretaries should advise the opposing teams that a player has tested positive for the virus so action can be promptly taken and participants can be tested for Covid-19.