Covid-19 Training & Match Day Guidelines

Before Training & Match Day Activity:
  • Managers, when playing matches at venues, please ask the opposing team or venue provider for guidelines on their facilities. For Home facilities, Managers, please ask the Secretary to provide these to you.
  • Managers are to follow Safeguarding rules as per the FA guidelines. Coaches are to familiarise themselves with the rules.
  • Managers will advise Parents of the training date & time or match meet time and locations and you must let the Manager know if your child is attending or not so they are aware of numbers in attendance.
  • Managers/Coaches need to take a register of who’s training or at match days as per test and trace protocols – This includes Parent/Player name(s) and Telephone number.
  • Players, Parents, Managers and Coaches need to advise a Club official if they’re experiencing Covid-19 symptoms after being in attendance at training or matches and should follow government guidance and self-isolate for 14 days and cannot attend training or matches during that period.
  • If Players, Parents, Managers and Coaches, or anyone in their households, have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, everyone must follow the guidelines provided to them in regards to the length of time of isolation and should not attend training or matches during this period.
  • At Training no more than groups of thirty including the Manager or Coach can train together. If you have more than thirty attending training, they must train in separate groups and cannot train all together. We advise no more than sixteen per Coach and group.
  • Parents/Carers should ensure that they are in sight of the session or match, should be in no more than groups of six and are to be socially distanced of one meter + at all times.
  • Managers, Coaches and Players should not travel to and from Training or matches with someone outside of their household unless social distancing (ie walking or cycling) can be practiced. If travelling with others outside your household, the government advice is for the passengers to wear face coverings during the journey.
  • One way systems in place at venues should be adhered to on arrival.
  • On arrival at Training or matches all Players and Parents should locate their Manager and check in for registration ensuring social distancing guidelines are maintained at all times.
  • On arrival at Training or matches, Players, Managers, Coaches and Parents must sanitise their hands by either bringing their own hand gel or by using the hand gel provided by the Manager.
  • Managers, Coaches, Players and Parents should not use traditional greeting methods of shaking hands or hugging and should use current greeting methods that everyone should be familiar with.
  • Goal Posts and Flags are to be wiped down before matches, at half time and after the match.
  • Managers should ensure that medical bags are stocked with hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and masks for Training and on match days.
  • Players are to arrive changed ready to play at Training and on match days.
  • Guidelines at Clubhouses, Dressing Rooms and Toilets must be followed at all times.
During Training & Match Day Activity:
  • If a player gets injured, a member of their household can assist them, if present, but others will still need to socially distance unless a life or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care. If there is a first-aider or other medical personnel present, they should be equipped with the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and others if they need to compromise social-distancing guidelines to provide medical assistance.
  • Players should not spit or shout facing each other as per FA guidelines.
  • Players are to provide their own refreshments there will be absolutely no sharing of refreshments during training and no refreshments will be provided.
  • During the training session or match days equipment cannot be shared.
  • Any Bibs or Teamwear worn at Training or on match days cannot be shared and must be washed after each use.
  • Supporters at the game or at Training should be limited to groups of six per group at one meter + socially distanced where possible.
  • Balls out of play should only be retrieved by someone involved in the Training groups or match day and not by a supporter.
  • Goal celebrations should be discouraged as per FA guidance at Training or on match days.
  • During breaks social distancing should be maintained at all times at Training or on match days.
After Training & Match Day Activity:
  • Players are to sanitize their hands before they depart the ground.
  • Please wash your hands when you return home.
  • At the end of training or match days you should not collect in any equipment other than your own.
  • Managers are to ensure that all equipment (flags, posts, balls, cones etc) are cleaned.
  • All rubbish must be cleared from the area before you depart the venue. We do not want complaints from venue providers or opposition on this.
  • Guidelines at Clubhouses, Dressing Rooms and Toilets must be followed at all times.
  • One way systems in place at venues should be adhered to on exit.

These are general guidelines for the whole club, but this may differ per section, so additional guidelines per section could also apply to you or your Children. Please reach out to your assigned Managers on this should you have any questions.