Club Risk Assessment

What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?What control measures are in place and are they sufficient?What additional control measures are needed? (If any)Action by who? (Who’s responsible)Action by when?Completed?
Covid 19 InfectionPlayers, Parents, Carers, Managers & Coaches, Match Officials – Catching CovidAll participants to use Self-Assessment checklistParticipants to stay at home if symptoms presentAll participants, parents and carersOn goingTo be sent out ASAP
Managers will obtain parents’ consent before children are permitted to train. Any child that comes from a household with any symptoms should stay at homeParents to ensure child stays at home if any symptoms in the house.ParentsBefore team can re-start?
A Register needs to be taken of those present at training and matches for NHS test and trace. Include name and phone number.Managers to keep Register.ManagersEvery training and match dayOn going
Risk Assessments and protocol on Facilities used.Managers to request when playing away. Main venue documents to be kept on-line.Managers, Covid OfficerEvery away match, ASAPOn going Before season begins
OperationalParents, Carers, players, managers and coaches will be asked to hand sanitise before and after training and matchesProviding hand sanitisers.Parents and playersBefore training and matchesYes
Parents/Carers should ensure they are in groups of no more than six and are to be socially distanced at one meter + at all times.Managers to communicate to parents/carers.ManagersImmediately?
All Equipment including goal posts and corner flags should be wiped down before and after training and matchesManagers if at home. Venue providers if away.ManagersEvery training session and matchBefore re-starting football
Follow guidelines placed on Club WebsiteCovid Group to inform sections. Managers to inform all participantsCovid Group and ManagersImmediatelyBefore re-starting football
First AidIf a player gets injured, a member of their household can assist them, if present, but others will still need to socially distance unless a life or limb-threatening injury necessitates compromising guidelines to provide emergency care. If there is a first-aider or other medical personnel present, they should be equipped with the appropriate PPE to protect themselves and others.Incident report forms to be filled out if necessary.Managers and Parents/CarersOn goingYes
First Aiders on handAll Club Managers must have a valid FA First Aid qualificationClub Secretary & CWOOn going – Allowance for no available courses at presentYes
SafeguardingChildren – physical and mental abuseAre full DBS’s and safeguarding training completed for all staff/volunteers?Yes all are checkedCWOupdated in accordance with club policy and FA directivesYes
GovernanceMembers of the football club – Not holding regular meetings and dealing with Club businessHold meetings on-line and follow the Club calendar for holding these. Hold face to face meetings when permittedChecked for validity by the TrusteesClub Secretary, Section SecretariesBy 15th?September 2020No
FinanceMembers of the Football Club – Additional costs associated with preparing the Club to deal with CovidClaim grants when available. Cut costs where possible. Set budgets and stress test.Finance Committee to review regularlyFinance Committee & Trustees30th?September 2020No
Impact on Revenue from not using Club bar, caf?, loss of fee incomeLimit losses eg selling stock not used. Ultimately fees will have to rise if shortfalls appear.Finance Committee to review regularlyFinance Committee & Trustees30th?September 2020No
Name of person completing the risk assessment: Position within Club:Kevin Lorkins – Club Secretary & Covid OfficerDate risk assessment completed:2nd August 2020